Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What's in my Baby's Hospital Bag

Eeeek!!! Baby N is due in just a few short weeks! So, I have been thinking a lot lately about the hospital and what to pack for us and baby.

A few weeks ago, the hubby and I sat down to decide what to bring with us to the hospital for baby. And yes! I did a bunch of research online of what "real" people put in their bags. 
I love to be nosy as to what people needed. And to be honest, I was a little lost of what to bring.

So after the research and searching, I decided to just go with how I normally am. I have a confession.

My name is Sonny and I am an over packer.

Whew, that feels good to get that off my chest ;)
I figure, it's better to have too much than not enough. 
I have also worked in childcare, with infants, for over 5 years. It is waaaayyyyyy better to have too much!

So, this is what the hubby and I came up with for our little princess's hospital bag.

1. Boppy Nursing Pillow: These little gems are one of my favorite things for babies. You can do sooo much with a Boppy, not just nursing.

2. Hygiene and Safety Bags: I know that the hospital will most likely have most of these items for us, but I would much rather use the products that she will use while at home. Those little nail files just kill me!

3. Changing Pad: My hubby is just infatuated with this guy. We have some wipes, extra diaper inserts, and diaper bags inside of it.

4. Breast Pump and Accessories and Nursing Cover: We are bringing the pump just in case my milk lets down while we are at the hospital; the other bag hold all of the pump accessories. And this absolutely adorable Nursing Cover was free. Whoo! Since Baby N is my first, I knew I wanted a cover so that I could still visit family while baby is feeding.

5. Blankets and Swaddles: I am a HUGE fan of swaddling. The infants I took care of always seemed to sleep more soundly while swaddled. I have two; a lighter one for the day and a heavier one for at night. I also packed two blankets. I love the patterns! I like it to be cold in the house, so I am guessing I will have it pretty cold at the hospital. We will have plenty of things to snuggle Baby N in during our stay.

6. Receiving Blankets and Gauze Swaddles: Again with the swaddling. I made sure to pack plenty in case of spit up and accidents.

7. Tiny gDiapers and Inserts and Petroleum Jelly: We decided a while back that we wanted to do all cloth diapers. Trust me, I did plenty of research! I am also going to be staying home with Baby N, so I will have more than enough time to commit to washing the diapers. These ones are specifically for newborn babies, 5 to 14 lbs, I believe. The outsides have snaps to make room for the umbilical cord and for smaller babies. The inside is waterproof. The package we bought came with disposable/biodegradable inserts. I think these will be perfect for the first couple weeks of meconium. Pop those guys and flush them down the toilet. Goodbye, poo! Goodbye mess! I also prefer petroleum jelly over other diaper rash creams.

8. Sleepers: I packed 3 newborn sleepers and 1 preemie sleeper. We are thinking she will be a little squirt, so I packed the preemie size just in case. The hubby is so proud of these sleepers :) He picked them out.

9. Hats, Onsies, and Nuks: I packed 4 hats. The yellow one is a special gift from a family friend. I am not a fan of the little gender neutral hats they put on the babies at the hospital, so this will be the one she will be sporting after birth :) The other three match the sleepers and outfits we have picked out. The onsies are for under her sleepers. I'm thinking I should grab a couple more in case of diaper accidents. I am bringing Nuks, just in case. To be honest, I am not a huge fan of nuks. But, I know some babies need them. And it is easier in the long run to take away a nuk opposed to a thumb! Also, I am planning on breastfeeding, so I hope I don't need to give them to her in the hospital. I know it can sometime mess with feedings and bonding. But, we will see!

10. Outfits: We are bringing 3 outfits. I know, I know. Most people say "Why bring outfits? Sleepers are just fine!" 
But you know what, we have waited for this little girl for so long! I am soaking in every moment I can. So yeah, I am going to dress her every morning we are at the hospital and taking tons of pictures. And it will hopefully be a start to a morning schedule.
The yellow outfit is going to be her going home outfit. And I just had to pack one for her daddy :) There is also three pairs of socks and two pairs of mittens so she doesn't scratch herself.

So, there you have it; our little Princess's bag is all packed and ready to go!
Now, we just need her to decide it is time to show her face :)

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  1. Hi Sonny!
    I like your blog! Congratulations for your baby!