About Me

I am a 20 something year old Mommy-to-Be and wife.

I live in a small town Wisconsin with my hubby, Cohl, of almost 5 years, two sassy cats, and one sweet puppy.

We are also expecting our first child, a little girl due at the end of July. We can't wait to meet this little princess!

I love spending time with my three sisters. And it is super easy with two of them living within a mile of us. Oh yeah, we have that kind of relationship! 
Aren't they beautiful???

I am attempting to make life a little more organized and beautiful, all on a budget! 

I love to read, do projects, work with children, spend time with the fam, hang out with my hubby, and basically do whatever tickles my fancy.

And everyday, I work to make life 
just a little bit more beautiful

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