Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Oh Baby! Our Maternity Photos

It's almost time!

We went to see our doctor for a check-up ultrasound on Baby N.
The verdict?
She is doing okay, but it would be safer to have her out and here.
In my arms.

So, the induction date is set and now we are on an even shorter countdown!

In celebration of Baby N's impending arrival (11 days early), I wanted to share our amazing maternity photos.

Our Photographer is a family friend named Tammy.
You can check out her blog, Tammy's Touch Photography, Here.
 She has amazing rates and rights for the photos and does a heck of a job. Our original plan was to meet at The Botanical Gardens. I thought it would be amazing to have the beautiful flowers and foliage as a back drop.
It rained.
Which turned out to be fine. It was extremely hot and humid. So, we met at Tammy's house and had our session there. I ended up being so glad that we did it this way; it was personal and all about us.
Plus the air conditioning. 
We had a good time and really love our photos.


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