Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Oh Baby! Our Maternity Photos

It's almost time!

We went to see our doctor for a check-up ultrasound on Baby N.
The verdict?
She is doing okay, but it would be safer to have her out and here.
In my arms.

So, the induction date is set and now we are on an even shorter countdown!

In celebration of Baby N's impending arrival (11 days early), I wanted to share our amazing maternity photos.

Our Photographer is a family friend named Tammy.
You can check out her blog, Tammy's Touch Photography, Here.
 She has amazing rates and rights for the photos and does a heck of a job. Our original plan was to meet at The Botanical Gardens. I thought it would be amazing to have the beautiful flowers and foliage as a back drop.
It rained.
Which turned out to be fine. It was extremely hot and humid. So, we met at Tammy's house and had our session there. I ended up being so glad that we did it this way; it was personal and all about us.
Plus the air conditioning. 
We had a good time and really love our photos.


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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What's in my Baby's Hospital Bag

Eeeek!!! Baby N is due in just a few short weeks! So, I have been thinking a lot lately about the hospital and what to pack for us and baby.

A few weeks ago, the hubby and I sat down to decide what to bring with us to the hospital for baby. And yes! I did a bunch of research online of what "real" people put in their bags. 
I love to be nosy as to what people needed. And to be honest, I was a little lost of what to bring.

So after the research and searching, I decided to just go with how I normally am. I have a confession.

My name is Sonny and I am an over packer.

Whew, that feels good to get that off my chest ;)
I figure, it's better to have too much than not enough. 
I have also worked in childcare, with infants, for over 5 years. It is waaaayyyyyy better to have too much!

So, this is what the hubby and I came up with for our little princess's hospital bag.

1. Boppy Nursing Pillow: These little gems are one of my favorite things for babies. You can do sooo much with a Boppy, not just nursing.

2. Hygiene and Safety Bags: I know that the hospital will most likely have most of these items for us, but I would much rather use the products that she will use while at home. Those little nail files just kill me!

3. Changing Pad: My hubby is just infatuated with this guy. We have some wipes, extra diaper inserts, and diaper bags inside of it.

4. Breast Pump and Accessories and Nursing Cover: We are bringing the pump just in case my milk lets down while we are at the hospital; the other bag hold all of the pump accessories. And this absolutely adorable Nursing Cover was free. Whoo! Since Baby N is my first, I knew I wanted a cover so that I could still visit family while baby is feeding.

5. Blankets and Swaddles: I am a HUGE fan of swaddling. The infants I took care of always seemed to sleep more soundly while swaddled. I have two; a lighter one for the day and a heavier one for at night. I also packed two blankets. I love the patterns! I like it to be cold in the house, so I am guessing I will have it pretty cold at the hospital. We will have plenty of things to snuggle Baby N in during our stay.

6. Receiving Blankets and Gauze Swaddles: Again with the swaddling. I made sure to pack plenty in case of spit up and accidents.

7. Tiny gDiapers and Inserts and Petroleum Jelly: We decided a while back that we wanted to do all cloth diapers. Trust me, I did plenty of research! I am also going to be staying home with Baby N, so I will have more than enough time to commit to washing the diapers. These ones are specifically for newborn babies, 5 to 14 lbs, I believe. The outsides have snaps to make room for the umbilical cord and for smaller babies. The inside is waterproof. The package we bought came with disposable/biodegradable inserts. I think these will be perfect for the first couple weeks of meconium. Pop those guys and flush them down the toilet. Goodbye, poo! Goodbye mess! I also prefer petroleum jelly over other diaper rash creams.

8. Sleepers: I packed 3 newborn sleepers and 1 preemie sleeper. We are thinking she will be a little squirt, so I packed the preemie size just in case. The hubby is so proud of these sleepers :) He picked them out.

9. Hats, Onsies, and Nuks: I packed 4 hats. The yellow one is a special gift from a family friend. I am not a fan of the little gender neutral hats they put on the babies at the hospital, so this will be the one she will be sporting after birth :) The other three match the sleepers and outfits we have picked out. The onsies are for under her sleepers. I'm thinking I should grab a couple more in case of diaper accidents. I am bringing Nuks, just in case. To be honest, I am not a huge fan of nuks. But, I know some babies need them. And it is easier in the long run to take away a nuk opposed to a thumb! Also, I am planning on breastfeeding, so I hope I don't need to give them to her in the hospital. I know it can sometime mess with feedings and bonding. But, we will see!

10. Outfits: We are bringing 3 outfits. I know, I know. Most people say "Why bring outfits? Sleepers are just fine!" 
But you know what, we have waited for this little girl for so long! I am soaking in every moment I can. So yeah, I am going to dress her every morning we are at the hospital and taking tons of pictures. And it will hopefully be a start to a morning schedule.
The yellow outfit is going to be her going home outfit. And I just had to pack one for her daddy :) There is also three pairs of socks and two pairs of mittens so she doesn't scratch herself.

So, there you have it; our little Princess's bag is all packed and ready to go!
Now, we just need her to decide it is time to show her face :)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hello and Welcome!

Hello and Welcome to Me & Mr. B!

I am excited that you stopped by. My name is Sonny. This is going to be a blog about life. Life as a wife, mommy, DIYer, cooking and baking, and basically just sharing my life and projects.

Let me introduce you to my world!
We live in a small town in Wiscconsin and are currently working towards saving up for a house. 

I have been married to this wonderful man, Cohl, for almost 5 years.
And those 5 years, I can honestly say have been the best of my life. 

We are also currently expecting our first child, due in late July. Whahoo!!!
It has been a long road to get where we are with this baby girl.
But I have to say, she will be one of the best loved children I will ever have the pleasure of knowing. I am lucky enough to be able to stay home with our little Miss as she learns and grows. I am sure my future post will be riddled with our little girl.

See that little princess cookin' away?

And lets face it, you are bound to see this man from time to time with his various projects and doings around the house. 
I can't resist those beautiful, green eyes!

We also have two cats, Jace and Aracos, and a sweet dog named Elli.
Look at those cuties!

I am happy to share my adventures of a Stay-at-Home Mommy and Wife.
Thanks for joining!